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The objective of Winter Harbor Yacht Club is to provide suitable grounds, facilities and programs to the members and their families so they may enjoy boating and the other social and cultural activities; to promote and insure a quiet, family oriented setting where the members are comfortable with each other; and to enjoy the peaceful surroundings and the Lake.

A member is any person who, upon application, has been approved by the Membership Committee and duly elected to membership by the Board of Directors. Only persons 21 years of age and older are eligible. The number of members shall be limited to 35.

No person shall be entitled to use the facilities of the Club unless he or she is a member in good standing, a guest accompanying a member in good standing, or a guest of the Membership Committee.

Membership shall be a single or family membership, entitling the member and spouse to full privileges of membership. Upon the death of a member, his or her spouse may continue the membership upon payment of all dues and fees in effect at the time. If a member marries or remarries, the new spouse may be included in the membership only upon reapplication and approval by the Membership Committee and the Board of Directors. Any child of a member who marries or becomes 23 years of age must make application to become a member.

Application for membership shall be on a form provided by Chair of the Membership Committee and shall state the full name of the applicant and spouse, date of birth, residence, business address and occupation of the applicant. It shall also include the names and types of boats owned, names and ages of all children, and a signed statement that the applicant, if accepted, will abide by the By-laws and rules of the Corporation. All applicants shall be proposed by two members in good standing who know the applicant personally. At least one of the proposers must be a stockholder of the Corporation. Each proposer shall sign the application to attest that they know and propose the applicant for membership. All applications shall be accompanied by a special fee set by the Directors and approved by the stockholders, together with all dues and assessments for the current year. The payments shall be returned forthwith to the applicant if he or she is not accepted to membership. Only the Chairman of the Membership Committee or his designee shall issue applications for membership. Such application shall not be issued until an applicant shall have attended at least one regularly scheduled Club function.

All prospective members must attend at least two Club sponsored social functions which may include the event prior to receiving an application and have their application posted at the Club for a period of not less than 21 days before any action may be taken on the application.

It shall be the responsibility of the proposers to see that the applicant and his or her family are introduced to all of the directors, members of the Membership Committee and to as many members as possible.


42 Welch Is Gilford, NH 03249

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